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"I could die for you. But I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, live for you."
- Ayn Rand ,The Fountain Head (via vargvikerness)
"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

Carl Sagan, Cosmos (via reddit user sclow15)

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"Cut the poison out of your life. No matter what - or whom - it may be."
- Jeigo - It’s going to hurt before it gets better  (via egyptiiangirl)

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"I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my dreams. How I wake up tired. How I’m being drowned by some kind of black wave."
- Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation (via shinui)

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You’re like the ocean…

Pretty enough on the surface,

but dive down into your depths,

you’ll find beauty most

people never see. Lucky me.

I fell in, headfirst.


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